AETMA Lab’s Keynote Address on Educational Metaverse Applications at Cyber Crime Unit Greece Event

The AETMA Lab, specializing in Immersive Technologies and Cyber Crime Investigation, proudly announces its participation as Keynote Speakers at the official event hosted by the Cyber Crime Unit Greece in Athens. Their presentation will showcase the innovative Educational Metaverse applications developed in collaboration with the Cyber Crime Unit, aimed at addressing cybercriminal behaviors among students aged 8-18.

Acknowledgements are extended to Dr. Vasileios Papakostas, Head of the Cyber Crime Unit, and Dr. Aimilia Doukeli, Coordinator of the Child Abuse Team, for their invaluable collaboration and commitment to the shared vision. The team’s dedication, including Ioannis Kazanidis, Giorgos Terzopoulos, MSc students Kapakis Charalampos, Konstantinos Anastasiou, Dimitrios Fkiaras, and undergraduate student Marios Tzatzos from the Computer Science program, has been instrumental in advancing the lab’s mission.