The environmental as well as the health market call for skilled scientific staff that is able to contribute in developing interdisciplinary practical solutions, based on accurate and up-to-date geospatial information. Therefore competence in GeoInformatics (GI), which is an ensemble of technologies and methods that allow the transformation of geospatial information into trustworthy and actionable information, is highly required. However, a shortage of marketable GI skills among postgraduates has been observed, making their transition to professional life problematic.

In order to bridge the gap between what academia provides and what the environmental market requires, FuseGI aims to deliver practical, problem-solving GI skills, and develop professional GI capabilities to postgraduate students, through the development of an active GI network, and provision of up -to-date curricula and modern teaching systems based on cutting-edge ICT tools. These will be achieved by meeting the following objectives:

1. Establishment of transnational open collaboration between academia and SMEs across the EU in order to address existing GI training needs in environmental and health risk management.

2. Transfer of knowledge and bridging the partners’ academic and professional experience gap in using GI applications at different key environmental and health sectors

3. Enhancement of professional skills in using open GI platforms for cooperative interdisciplinary data processing.

4. Development, implementation and validation of an innovative, evidence-based virtual learning environment (VLE) for the remote training in using open cloud GI platforms.

5. Design of the architecture of curricula, and establishment and promotion of a postgraduate international program.

Duration: 36M

Collaboration with UNESCO Con E ECT in education, environment actions through European Research Programs.