TV Interview about Advanced Virtual School 2022

The Scientific team of the AETMA Lab, in collaboration with the Management of the 24th Primary School of Kavala and the Educational staff, completed the implementation of an interactive Evacuation Plan (in case of natural disaster, earthquake, fire or combination of natural disasters) using Augmented Reality technologies & Virtual Reality) in Grades B and E of Primary School.The students were asked to be trained, in advance, in various scenarios and tactics of evacuation of the School Unit, making use of the official Evacuation Plan of the School complex. In this way, an attempt is made to ensure that in the event of a natural disaster being avoided, students will be trained and prepared for the optimal evacuation routes of the building, depending on where they are in it (classrooms, gymnasium, events, IT, WC etc), in order to avoid the phenomenon of panic.

Congratulations to the AETMA Lab team, and especially to Assistant Professor Mr. Ioannis Kazanidis, student Nikolaos Nikolaou and Mr. Terzopoulos (Pos Doc) Head of Software of the lab. Thanks are due to the Management of the 24th Primary School and all the educational staff, the students, the parents who embraced the action and the Director of the Unecso Headquarters Dr. Drama Prof. Emmanouloudi.