Active learning in the classroom (28 June-02 July 2021)

Through interactive activities, participants will learn how to promote an active learning environment and set up a Future Classroom Lab, how to tailor instruction to meet individual needs, how to enhance key competences of the students and how to improve learning outcomes through increased engagement and interactivity through augmented reality (AR). Participants will also have the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its potential and challenges as well as share their concerns, exchange ideas and discuss.
By the end of the course, participants will not only have acquired more knowledge about student-centred and active learning approaches, but they will also be able to take away ideas about practical, innovative ideas to apply in their classrooms.
The course will help the participants to:

• Set up a Future Classroom Lab.
• Enhance students’ learning through differentiated approaches to teaching.
• Use practical methods to encourage students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and create during the lesson.
• Realize how the use of augmented reality in education can transform the learning experience and explore ARTutor.
• Understand the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and explore examples of effective use of AI tools for teaching and learning in different educational contexts.
• Exchange ideas and improve current practices.
• Reflect on their experience with the development process of the MOOC Μαθαίνουμε Ψηφιακά, Διδάσκουμε Ψηφιακά.

The program and more info about the event are available at SRSP-FCL training agenda