SHERPA Erasmus Days 2020

AETMA Lab actively participates in the SHERPA Erasmus Days 2020.


Welcome to SHERPA Erasmus Days 2020 event.
We are excited to guide you throughout the innovative  project of SHERPA ( a Key Action 3 Project), which aims to improve support services related to the SELFIE project.

You are very welcome to explore the SHERPA related material in the following order
1) SHERPA and WP2 2 min overview (video)
2) SHERPA and WP3 2 min overview (video)
3) Detailed description of SHERPA developments (pdf)
4) Detailed description of SHERPA Pedagogical Innovation Toolkit (pdf)
5) Overview of the SHERPA PTK validation workshop (pdf)

SHERPA and WP2 2 min overview
SHERPA and WP3 2 min overview