Trials of the Acropolis is an Android VR educational game, based on the third-grade Greek history book, regarding Greek Mythology.  It challenges the player to fulfill an ancient myth that no one in the history of Ancient Greece has ever completed. According to the myth there are scattered six trials across the Acropolis of Athens that test the wisdom, memory and concentration of a human. These ancient trials were created by the gods themselves and the person who will complete all the trials with success will emerge as the true leader of Ancient Greece and help the country during the difficult times she is facing.

With beautiful graphics, unique soundtrack and interesting characters the player experiences the world of Greek mythology in a unique way using the virtual reality technology.The game can be played by anyone and the user needs to have some basic knowledge of some Greek myths in order to complete the trials with success.


It can be downloaded from the following links:

Greek Version

English Version

Research papers about the game

Chintiadis, P., Kazanidis I., & Tsinakos A.(2017). Trials of the Acropolis: Teaching Greek mythology using Virtual Reality and game based learning. International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication, Technologies and Learning. IMCL2017, Thessaloniki, Greece