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About Us!

Welcome to the Advanced Educational Technologies and Mobile Applications (AETMA) Lab website.

The Lab was established in 2016 (Government Gazette Issue Β 836  Section 1  30/03/2016) and re-established in 2020 (Government Gazette Issue Β 4155  Section 1  28/09/2020).

The research lab is part of the Department of Computing and Informatics Engineering at the International Hellenic University.

Our research focuses in the following research fields:

  • The development of educational software
  • Blended and distance learning applications
  • Mobile learning
  • Development of Augmented Reality applications and wearable technologies
  • Mobile applications development
  • Technology enhanced learning
  • Assisted learning
  • Data mining, analysis, evaluation and optimisation of learning processes in distance learning
  • Study of 2D and 3D virtual worlds and Augmented Reality in distance learning



















We have participated in a number of projects.

AR in Education

Several mobile applications for use in education have been developed. Read more… 

Thassos - Agenda ML

An existing travel application for Android devices has been adapted in order to incorporate educational elements with online interactive material. Read more…

TEI EMT - Digital Tour

TEI EMT – Digital Tour is an Augmented Reality application operating with the Junaio platform and is available in two languages, English and Greek. Read more…

Parallel Crisis

Parallel Crisis is an interactive AR game based on the Junaio platform. Read more…

Radio production courses

Radio production courses


The ARTutor application. Read more…

SHERPA Project

Leadership of the SHERPA project ( one- of the only two projects -that were selected this year for funding by the European Commission for 2019) in ERASMUS+ related to SELFIE, the official European tool for the self-assessment of Educational Units. Read more… 








Interview by the Versatilist Project

Interview by the Versatilist podcast, the Immersive Learning Network, regarding our work on the use of Augmented Reality to foster creativity in schools. Read more… 

KavaLaExpo 2014

AR content has been developed for the promotion of the Philippi archaeological site (supporting its nomination to UNESCO’s World Heritage List), the monument of Apostle Paul at the center of Kavala, the island of Thassos and the annual local Airshow. Read more…


AETMA Lab has actively participated the 1st International Association for Blended Learning Conference (IABL2016) held in Kavala, Greece, between 22 and 24 of April 2016. Read more…

TEDx Kavala

Demonstration of Augmented Reality during the TEDx Kavala Independent Event. Read more… 


AETMA Lab had a presence in the 7th Nationwide Industrial Informatics Festival (i2fest2016) at the “Apostle Mardyris” Exhibition Centre of Kavala, from Friday 7 to Saturday 15 of October 2016. Read more…

blendED2016 & PTDEA Meeting 2016

AETMA Lab’s director Avgoustos Tsinakos attended  the blendED2016 and PTDEA Meeting 2016 (October 26 and 27, 2016) conferences as an invited speaker. Read more…





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 Κατέκτησε την Επαυξημένη Πραγματικότητα μέσω του ARTutor (ver 3)


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